Village – Newborn to 18 months

“Madeline started Kindermusik when she was 9 months old and absolutely loves it. It allows her to explore the music and instruments in her own way. The dancing, playing and exploring of music has noticeably increased her coordination and rhythm, and has given me great activities to do at home. Madeline has increased her song repertoire fifty-fold.”
— Renée, Mother to Madeline 13 months, Sacramento
“Kindermusik has been a weekly part of my child’s life since he was 3 months old. My son LOVES the classes. In the space of only one term he became more alert and verbal in class. Now, at 10 months, he loves playing the drums, listening to music, dancing, story time and socializing with his peers. Kindermusik with Miss Cathy has been very rewarding for our family. This is a program that has every child feel confident, loved, and special.”
— Quan, Mother of Dylan age 10 months, Sacramento

Our Time – 18 months to 3 1/2 years

“Isabel started Kindermusik when she was 9 months old, she’s now 2 1/2. Some of her first words were Kindermusik songs and she constantly dances and sings her Kindermusik songs. It has enhanced her social comfort, her memory, her language comprehension and her cognitive abilities. It has also developed her fine and gross motor skills. She has learned to follow directions and understand routines, yet still explore her own interpretations of activities. I am amazed by the impact it has had on her development.”
— Catherine, Mother of Isabel, 2 ½ yrs Sacramento
“My daughter, Olivia, started Kindermusik when she was 5 months old. We were hooked from day one and have been going every week since then. Olivia is now 2 years old and it has been amazing to watch her blossom in this class, and we love watching her recreate things we do in class back at home. Like most Mom’s I have researched all of the extra curricula activities. By far, Kindemusik has been our favorite and I feel like Olivia gets more from her time in this class than any other we have tried.”
— Sharlene, Mom to Olivia 2 yrs – Elk Grove